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How long has Hayley been in the business?

23 years!


Why should I book a professional makeup artist?

It takes an artful eye to see the beauty and potential in each face. A professional artist, like Hayley, is trained to apply flawless, enduring make-up. A professional artist is also skilled in the art of making you feel at ease in every aspect of the process from detailed wedding day timelines to creating the stunning make-up style that is right for you!


Who does the bride's makeup and who does the bridal party's makeup?

Hayley always does the bride and the bridal party. If there are more than 4 faces Hayley will bring an additional make-up artist.


What size can you accomodate?



Do you travel internationally?

Yes! One of Hayley's favorite things to do is travel, so if Hayley can work and travel this is her greatest pleasure!


Do you charge a travel fee?

Yes. If travel is outside the lower mainland there is an addtional charge of $40. For travel packages outside of BC please contact Hayley.


Why, where, and when are the make-up trials?

Make-up trials are an important part of the process when booking a make-up artist to ensure the look designed by the make-up artist is right for you. A trial also helps the make-up artist better understand your skins needs and a great time for the client to share their concerns or special requests. Probably not what should be done on the wedding or event day. The trial is a good time to make a client/service-provider connection. These 'special connections' are what you want to have on your event day!


Is a deposit required for the booking?

Yes a 50% deposit is required. Remaining balance is due on the day of event.


Are lashes included?



Do you do grad and special events makeup?



What brands/products do you use?

Integrative cosmetics-so a mix of everything! Natural/organic/paraben free products such as:  Sappho Cosmetics, Zuii, Kiss my Face, Tarte, Burts Bees. Highend department store products such as: Armani, Stila, Bobbi Brown, Mac. Drugstore products such as: Revlon, Loreal, and Prestige.


Do you airbrush?

Yes, for an additional charge of $50.


Do you have a minimum for the day?

Yes. A minimum of 4 faces.


Will makeup last all day?

Yes, as most of the products are long wearing. 


Is there a touch-up kit included?

A touch-up kit will be provided that includes a sample of the lipstick or lipgloss, powder, sponge and qtips.


Can I bring a family member or friend to the trial?



Is hairstyling included?

No, however, Hayley works with many hairstylists and can reccomend one for you that would be available for your special day.

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